Frame some Black & White for a Modern Arty Look

A few black and white photos on your fridge door will give it a modern arty look. B&W photos look great in either a Black, White or Silver Frame. Keep the frames all the same colour to make the black and white photos the focus of attention.

B&W photos in Silver, Black & White Frames

Create a simple, stylish stunning fridge display with black & white photos. Try just one frame colour to focus attention on the frames, go just black, just white or just silver frames with your b&w photos.

3 steps to creating a collection of black and whites

1 – convert your photos to black & white. This is pretty easy with modern software and phone photo apps. Most have a B&W option (or just desaturate the colour)

2 – Choose your frame colour, keep the all the same colour to add impact to the photo display. Go all Silver, Black or White. Both our Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Frames & Tough Magnetic Frames are available in these colours.
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3 – Put them up on the fridge and see what arrangement looks best (frames touching or spaced apart) its easy to move the Fridgi frames about on your fridge door.

You can also create a stunning photowall wall display with black and white photos!

If you are a fan of photography and especially black & white photography try creating a large photowall of all your favourite b&w photos. This photo wall was made with a 8×4 sheet of metal glued to a sheet of 8×4 ply wood. The panel was leaned against the wall and the magnetic frames were put on the metal.

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