Fridge Frames

Fridgi Magnetic Fridge Frames are a stylish, high quality magnetic frame that’ll look amazing on your fridge. They have a unique patented design that covers & protects a photo & lets you change or move a photo in seconds.

Magnetic Fridge Frames in a range of colours
Magnetic Fridge Frames in a range of sizes
Create a feel good album on your fridge door with some Fridge Magnetic Fridge Frames
Fridgi Magnetic Fridge Frames make it easy to put your favourite photos on your fridge

Turn a blank Fridge door into a celebration of the good things in your life. Create a unique, personal & colorful display of all your favorite photos. It’ll transform the look of your kitchen & lift you mood everyday !

On the Fridge

Fridgi Fridge Frames are perfect for the Fridge

  • They have a Simple & Stylish Minimalist Look that will complement any kitchen
  • The unique Frames have one piece design that Covers & Protects a photo
  • The strong plastic body Looks like Glass but is 11 times stronger – It will flex but it is not soft or floppy
  • There are 4 Magnetic Strips on the back to hold it firmly in place
  • If a magnet will stick to it a Fridgi will – See On The Fridge Made Easy >>
Transform the look & feel of your kitchen with some frames on the fridge
Fridgi Frames have a modern glass like finish (but 11 times stronger) that looks stunning on the fridge

A few frames on your fridge is all it takes to transform the look & feel of your kitchen. Seeing your photos makes you feel good, so why not put your favorites on the Fridge ?

Fridgis are high quality & have been known to outlast the fridges they’re on. The very first Fridgis are still on Mums fridge after 25 years (& they are still made in Australia)

Past customers have said
“these are the best looking & best quality magnetic frames I have seen – by far”
“my Fridgis look fantastic on the fridge, everybody comments on them”
“great products, thank-you! I’m loving filling up my fridge”

2 Styles of Fridge FramesFlexi & Tough

We have 2 Styles of Fridge Frames, the latest generation Flexi & the Original Tough. Both styles are made from a single rectangle of plastic (looks like glass but much stronger) that covers & protects the photo. The difference is:

The Flexi Fridge Frames are thinner & are designed to “flex” to take the shape of a Curved Fridge. A Flexi can flex but they are not soft or floppy. 

The Tough Fridge Frames are twice as thick, slightly larger & don’t bend much so are more suited to Flat Fridges. 

Flexi Magnetic Photo Frames

The latest version of our Fridge Frames. Suits Curved & Flat Fridges

Flexi 6 Sizes – For 4×4, 6×4, 7×5, 8×6, 10×8 inch photos & A4 paper. Frame size is the size of the photo it holds.

Flexi 3 Colours – Metallic Silver, Black, White


Tough Magnetic Photo Frames

The “Original” Fridgi Fridge Frame. Made of thicker plastic & more suited to Flat Fridges (will attach to slightly curved fridges)

Tough 2 Sizes – For 6×4 & 7×5 inch photos. Frame size is the size of the photo it holds

Tough 12 Colours – Metallic Silver, Black, White, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Aqua, Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Lime, Orange


Fridge Frame Fridge Sets

Take the guess work out of arranging your frames. We’ve curated sets of Flexi & Tough Frames to create a dynamic & stylish display of photos & frames on your fridge. The great thing about Fridgi’s is that you can move the frames around & create whatever arrangement you like (spread them out, tighten them up, move them around). Our fridge is mid size (the top door is 990x690mm) & each set fits on it.

Flexi Fridge Frame Sets

Tough Fridge Frame Sets

We Ship Worldwide (& have done for 25+years)

We accept VISA & MasterCard

Our Checkout uses 256bit SSL Encryption

All Frames have a 100% money-back guarantee


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