Flexi Fridge Frames

The Flexi is the latest version of our Magnetic Fridge Frames. It flexes so can easily go on a Curved or Flat Fridges. You can place them vertically, horizontally or any angle in between. Each Flexi Frame is made from a single panel of 1mm thick plastic, it’s clear, strong & shatter proof. Flexi come in a range of frame sizes.

  • One Piece Design – Covers & Protects a photo
  • 11 times stronger than glass
  • Flexible (not floppy)
  • Will flex to the curve of a fridge door
  • 4 strong magnets on the back for firm attachment

A Flexi is thinner & slightly smaller than a Tough Fridge Frame >>

Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Frames for 4x4, 6x4, 5x7, 6x8, 10x8 & A4 photos

Flexi Fridge Frames come in 6 Sizes
For Photo Sizes 4×4, 6×4, 7×5, 8×6, 10×8 inch & for A4 Paper
The frame size denotes the size of the photo/sheet it holds

Flexi Fridge Frames come in 3 stylish colours - Silver, Black & White

Flexi Fridge Frames come in 3 Colours

Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Frames come in Silver Black & White

Metallic Silver, Black, White


4×4 Flexi $6.95 ea ($6.08 ea in a 25 Pack)
6×4 Flexi $7.95 ea ($6.96 ea in a 25 Pack)
5×7 Flexi $9.95 ea ($8.60 ea in a 25 Pack)
8×6 Flexi $14.95 ea ($13.12 ea in a 25 Pack)
10×8 Flexi $20.95 ea ($18.40 ea in a 25 Pack)
A4 Flexi $23.95 ea ($21.00 ea in a 25 Pack)

Buy in Packs & Save

6 Pack Save 5%
12 Pack Save 7%
18 Pack Save 10%
25 Pack Save 12%

Magnetic frames in packs of 1 6 12 18 & 25

Each frame pack comes shrink-wrapped & has an information insert included. Frames in the multi-packs come with an easy peel protective film on each frame, this is to protect the frame during shipping and is easily peeled off before use. The top frame has this removed. Please note the number of frames that will fit on a fridge will be dependent on the size of fridge. These examples are representative as your fridge may differ in size to to the one shown here.

Flexi Fridge Sets

Fridge Sets take the guess work out of arranging your frames. We’ve created some sets with a mix of sizes to create a dynamic & stylish display of photos and frames on your fridge. The great thing about Fridgis is that you can move the frames around to create whatever arrangement you prefer for your fridge. Our fridge is mid size (the top door is 990x690mm) and each set fits on it. Save 10% or more with a Fridge Set.

Compare Frame Sizes

Frame Dimensions

The Flexi Fridge Frame is a 1 piece Magnetic Photo Frame for the fridge. The Frames come in 6 sizes
4×4 Flexi holds a 4x4in/100x100mm photo – External dimensions 122x122x1.8mm
6×4 Flexi holds a 6x4in/150x100mm photo – External dimensions 172x122x1.8mm
7×5 Flexi holds a 7x5in/175x125mm photo – External dimensions 199x148x1.8mm
8×6 Flexi holds a 8x6in/200x150mm photo – External dimensions 223x172x1.8mm
10×8 Flexi holds a 10x8in/250x200mm photo – External dimensions 274x223x1.8mm
A4 Flexi holds an A4 sheet/297x210mm photo – External dimensions 319x232x1.8mm
The coloured framing border is 14mm wide around the edge of the Flexi Magnetic Photo Frame