On The Fridge Made Easy

1 – Place a photo on the back (within the 4 strips)
2 – Place it on the fridge (done) It’s that easy !

On the Fridge made Easy - 1) Place the photo on the back & 2) Put it on the Fridge - It's that easy !

Your photo is framed & covered – The frames attach firmly & can go vertically, horizontally or any angle in between. A Fridgi will stick to metallic / ferrous surfaces. If a magnet will stick to it a Fridgi will. Put a them on suitable Fridges, Filing Cabinets, Metal Wall Panels, Metal Lockers & Magnetic Paint. Some stainless fridges are non-magnetic & magnets won’t stick.

Put the frames up in lots of places - If a magnet will stick to it a Fridgi will

Unlimited Layouts

Each Frames attaches independently so you can layout your frame however you like. Create a unique display on your Fridge. With multiple Frame Sizes the layout possibilities are endless !

Put some Frames on your Fridge

Display your Photos with a few Magnetic Photo Frames

Fridgi Fridge Frames are High Quality Magnetic Photo Frames that look fantastic on the Fridge. The unique patented Frame has a minimalist design that looks great & protects the photo. A few photos will brighten up your fridge & kitchen.

Fridgi Frames - Look stunning on the fridge with a modern glass like finish (but 11 times stronger)


  • Simple – One piece & easy to use. Have a photo on the fridge in seconds
  • Stylish – Minimalist border & design helps your photos POP
  • High Quality – Premium materials from around the world, put together in our factory
  • Strong Body – Covers & Protects a photo, looks like glass but made of plastic (11 times stronger)
  • Strong Magnets – 4 strong magnetic strips on the back to stick firmly to the fridge

The are many different things that you can frame on the Fridge in addition to your favourite photos

  • A favourite “Quote” (in a A4 Flexi Frame)
  • Kids Art (you can easily change what’s in the frame to the latest masterpiece)
  • Timetables (school, sport, gym etc)
  • A Goal (Put it in writing & put it one display. Both these simple actions have been shown to significantly increase the likelihood of achieving the goal)
Put your favourite quote on the fridge  & be inspired every day