Big Magnetic Frames on the Fridge

You can arrange the frames on your fridge so that the smaller frames focus attention of the bigger frames. Use a BIG magnetic frame (10×8 or A4) to focus attention on your main or favourite photo (of you, you & your partner, your kids, your family, travel destination).

Place a few big photos in the centre and surround them with smaller magentic frames to focus attention in on the big photos

You can also have a few large frames mixed in with the smaller frames for important/favourite photos (the size of your fridge can limit how many big photos you put up). This Fridge has one 10×8 & two 6×8 as the large frames.

You can try using the frames to help tell a story, for each big frame surround it with smaller frames with photos from the event. Chose photos that tell who, what, when, where, why.

Have a favourite wedding photo? surround it with a few photos from the wedding (ceremony, venue, bridal party, location/scenery). Next to that mini story you can put another set of photos from the honeymoon, and maybe a set of some of your favourites from when you were dating.

Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Frames on the fridge. Focus attention on a large favourite photo by surrounding it with smaller photos

Trying having one large frame in the centre and surround it with a mix of smaller ones, this focuses attention in on the main photo in the big frame. Having all the frames the same colour helps focus attention in on the photos.

Check out this Flexi Fridge Set>> to recreate this look. It has 23 smaller frames and one big 10×8 frame in the centre.