Create a Photo Wall with Magnetic Frames

You can create a Photowall in your home with magnetic fridge frames

Step 1 – Decide where you want to put your photowall (hall, behind couch, family room wall etc)

Step 2 – Decide how you want the frames to attach (the surface needs to be receptive to magnets) so
A – Paint the wall with magnetic paint (put down twice what the paint tin recommends) or
B – Put up a steel panel (double sided tape or screws) and all available from a large hardware store or steel merchant

Step 3 – Put up your frames. Use a variety of sizes and one colour frame for an stylish and interesting photo wall that will be a talking point for every guest in your home.

A variety of different sized frames generates interest as it stimulates the mind to look around & understand each element, frame & photo. The same colour frames adds unity & cohesion to a photo wall & helps draw attention to the Photowall. When the frams are all the same colour all the photos become the focus of attention as the viewer is not distracted by multiple frame colours. If you are considering a photowall and have some questions please send us an email as we would love to help you get your photos up on the wall.