Frame some Black & White Photos for a Modern Arty Look

A few Black & White Photos framed together can look stunning on the fridge  or wall. Black & White photos look great in either a Black, White or Silver Frame. The colours of the frames match the shades in the photos (Black, White or Grey) & so focus attention on the photos. Keep the frames all the same colour keep the look consistent.

It is very easy to turn your photos into B&W. Most photo software (Phone & computer) has an option to convert a photo to B&W. Pro Tip – After converting to B&W increase the contrast a little to make the photo really pop!

Its easy to create a stunning fridge display with black & white photos. Use just one frame colour to focus attention on the frames, go just black, just white or just silver frames with your b&w photos. See Fridge Frames >>

If you are a photographer & elove black & white photos try creating a large photo wall of all your favourites. This photo wall was made with a 8×4 sheet of metal glued to a sheet of 8×4 plywood. The panel was leaned against the wall and the magnetic frames were put on the metal. See Photowalling >> for info on creating a Photo Wall in your home.