Try some BIG Magnetic Frames?

Have you thought of putting some BIG magnetic frames on your fridge ?

Big Magnetic Frames (10x8 & 8x6) on a fridge surrounded by smaller (6x4 & 4x4) frames


A few big frames can look fantastic on your fridge.

One of the reasons that we put our photos on display and into frames is that they remind us of the fun moments, good times & special moments that they capture. Our photos lift our mood & make us feel like we did when the photo was taken. A larger photo seems to convey more of the moment & feelings than a small photo (maybe more detail in a larger photo?).

Fridgi Flexi Fridge Set (23) with 23 Flexi Frames including one large 10x8 Magnetic Frame


Traditionally magnetic frames for the fridge were small (for the common 6×4 snap shot) & we could put a few of these on the fridge. Now that there are larger size magnetic photo frames available (for 6×4 inch, 5×7 inch, 8×6 inch and 10×8 inch photos) we can get larger prints of our favorite photos & frame them on the fridge.

Fridgi Magnetic Frames on the Fridge a mix of 7x5, 6x4 & 4x4 Magnetic Frames


If you are thinking of putting some photos on the fridge try getting some larger prints for you very favorite photos (wedding, family, travel, partner).

At Fridgi we have a range of magnetic frames in different sizes to suit photos from 4×4 inch to 10×8 inch. With such a variety of sizes you can get creative with your “fridge framing” & create a stunning photo collage on the fridge.

Try putting some large frames in the centre of the fridge (Your 2 or 3 favorite photos) and then surround them with a mix of smaller photos (6×4 inch & 4×4 inch if you love instagram).