Use your photos to tell a story

You can arrange and group your magnetic frames to tell a story on your fridge or Photowall.

On your fridge or Photowall try grouping together a few photos from the same event. Choose pictures to tell a story, give a feel for what you’ve done, show where you’ve been or what event you were at.

  • Where it was (wide angle/scenery/a sign)
  • Who was there (how people were dressed)
  • What people were feeling (close up of facial expressions)
  • Why you were there (holiday with friends, kids party, wedding etc)
  • A funny/quirky photo is great (e.g. holding up the leaning tower of Pisa or something you don’t see everyday)

See Photowalling >> for why creating a photo wall is a good idea. You’ll be able to tell lots of stories & your favourite photos are on display to be enjoyed every day.