Finding Your Favourite Photos is FUN


It is worth spending some time to go through your photos. Grab your phone & start searching for the photos you want to print & frame. GUARANTEED you’ll have a smile on your face when you are done.

Lady holding a magnetic picture frame with a photo of her & her best friend

Step 1 – Take Your Time


Allocate a time to sit down & go through your photos (30 mins will get you get through a lot). Try a morning (& a coffee) or an evening (& a wine). On your own for a private moment. With your partner &/or kids for a great reminisce. If you are doing a Family Photo Wall sitting down with the family is a great way to find the photos everyone loves.

Editors Note: I did a photo swap with an old friend. Together we went through 10 years of each others photos. We laughed & talked for hours swapping stories, refreshing memories & reminiscing over all the fun times & adventures that we’d had together.

Step 1 – Take Your Time (Find All The Good Ones)


Allocate a time to sit down & go through your photos (30 mins will get you get through a lot).

Step 2 – Look For The Photos That


Make you feel good

Make you laugh & smile

Make you want to catch up with friends

Make you want to travel

Make you want to go on an adventure

Remind you of past achievements

Inspire you for future achievements

That tell a story

Are a little quirky

A refrigerator covered in Silver Fridgi Magnetic Picture Frames

Step 3 – Save Them All In A Folder/Album (then Print’em out!)


Copy your favourites into a separate folder/album “BESTIES”. This way you have a copy of all your favourite photos & they are all together, to make it easy to get them printed.

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